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Do you want to support our vital work?


Start a collection or make a donation via Swish on 123 454 19 67.

Currently, 30% of all patients in need of a stem cell transplant do not have a suitable donor; it is not enough! We will not stop until everyone in need of new healthy stem cells finds their perfect match. All involvement is important, join us and make a difference!

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Despite all efforts, too many patients never find the stem cell donor they so desperately need. With a memorial gift, you can honour the memory of a relation and help us in our efforts to save more lives in the future. Make a monetary donation to the Tobias Registry by making a payment to bank account 501-8148. Mark the payment with the name of the person to whom the memorial gift is dedicated. Feel free to write a final greeting as well. A memorial sheet is sent to the funeral home or a relative. If you have any questions, please contact us on 08-746 80 20 or email

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Are you a student, teacher, company, association, organisation, or family member who would like to collaborate with the Tobias Registry?

Get in touch with us at


Would you like to represent the Tobias Registry at an event, school or similar? Or get involved on a voluntary basis?

Get in touch with us at

The more we are,
the more people we can save.

Not everyone can donate blood stem cells, but everyone can help us increase our numbers. We are currently looking for donors between 18 and 35 years old to join the registry. So please tell the people around you about us. Share us on your social media. Tell them that we exist, what we do and that we need more people to join.

Thank you!

Materials to share

Here you will find material that is free to download and distribute.
Please let us know if you would like us to send information material to you or your business; we are happy to do so.




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