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What happens next? What applies to me as a registrant?

Once registered, you are included in searches that are conducted every day for patients around the world. If you are matched with someone who needs your blood stem cells, we will contact you for the next step. We will contact you by letter and/or telephone.

The day we contact you because someone needs your help, we will first ask if you are still interested and available to do this. Of course, you can decline if it is not convenient for your life at the moment for various reasons.

If you want to proceed, we will ask you to provide blood samples to make sure you match fully with your patient’s HLA type. When you signed up, your saliva was tested to a certain degree, now they want to do a broader analysis via blood samples. These blood samples will be taken at your nearest blood or healthcare centre. The blood samples will be sent to the patient’s doctor for analysis. If you are eligible to donate, we will book you into one of our university hospitals in the country (we always try to find appointments close to where you live) for a comprehensive medical examination, including an ECG and virus tests, to make sure you are fully healthy and that there are no barriers to donation.

You will talk to a doctor who will give you thorough information about what it means to donate and what will happen before and on the day of the donation. If you still feel willing and interested in doing this, the planning will continue, but it is completely voluntary and you can decline at this point if you do not feel comfortable.

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Donor story

Together we save lives

“I joined the Tobias Registry after one of my brothers shared a story on Instagram. I clicked on it and read a bit about what it was about and then pressed “I want to join” without any hesitation. After just a few months, I got a call saying that a match had been found who was in urgent need of my stem cells. I remember so well that I said, “Go ahead, what happens now?”

I have always been concerned about other people; I have always wanted to help others as much as I can. Imagine having the opportunity to give another person a second chance in life, to give them hope. I know how many relations out there feel, unfortunately. Helpless, empty, angry, desperate, the list goes on and on. And for you I want to give a little hope, a little ray of light, I want you to know that you are not alone in this. ❤️ Together we save lives.” /Marcus

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