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Our mission

The Tobias Registry matches patients with suitable donors in Sweden or abroad.
Thank you for joining us in making this work possible!

On this page you will find documents and links with important information about the Tobias Registry, blood stem cell donation and transplantation.

We need to constantly replenish the registry with young, healthy donors between the ages of 18 and 35. Please encourage people you meet at work and in everyday life to join the registry.


+46 (0) 8746 8 020

Open hours:

Mon-Thurs 08:00-16:45, Friday 08:00-16:15


Only for transplant centres and registries
+46 (0) 70 294 30 28 

Thank you for your efforts.
Together we save lives!

Information on sampling

The Tobias Registry needs help from sample collectors in the country to take blood samples as part of the investigation of one of our donors.

The person arriving for sampling may be eligible to donate blood stem cells/bone marrow to a patient.

If you have any doubts, please feel free to call us at: 08-746 80 20 or email

The investigation is anonymous

    The samples should only be labelled with the attached codes as the recipient of the samples should not be informed of the identity of the donor (exception: EDTA tubes for blood grouping).

    The donor should not be informed of where the samples are sent to.

Sampling instructions

    Samples to be taken are indicated on the packing list.

    Samples are to be labelled with the attached labels according to the packing list.

    All samples are sent by pre-notified and prepared transportation.

    You should NOT send these samples to your own lab for analysis.


    See packing list for the documents to be attached.

    Referrals and packing lists should be discarded after sampling.

Sample transport

    Samples should be sent on the day of sampling unless otherwise notified.

    Use the enclosed protective sleeves and transport bags. The Tobias Registry has stamped envelopes and booked a courier service if necessary.

    For samples sent by mail within the country, the donor can place the sample bag in a mailbox if your mail service for the day has already taken place.


    The donor should not pay for this sampling. At the initiation of the Tobias Registry, there was a recommendation from the Regions’ cooperation committees that the Tobias Registry should not be invoiced for sampling. Any invoice will be sent to the Tobias Registry.

Information for Transplant Centres and Registries Policies when requesting Tobias Registry services

Recommendations and policy for harvest centres

Transport Guidelines


The Tobias Registry is accredited by the World Marrow Donor Association (WMDA). The accreditation shows that the Tobias Registry uses safe and standardised practices when interacting with stem cell donor registries in other countries. WMDA is an organization working globally to enable stem cell donation since 1996.

The Tobias Registry works with the National Cord Blood Bank to provide blood stem cells to patients. The bank is accredited according to the international NetCord-FACT standard for umbilical cord banks.

National Cord Blood Bank – Sahlgrenska University Hospital

NetCord-FACT Standards – WMDA

The Tobias Registry’s partner hospitals are accredited by the Joint Accreditation Committee ISCT-Europe & EBMT (JACIE), Europe’s official accreditation body within the field of blood stem cell transplantation and cell therapy. It promotes high quality patient care and medical and laboratory practice through a professionally led, voluntary accreditation system.

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