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You are needed!

Join the Tobias Registry and get the opportunity to save someone’s life!
Every day, someone is affected by a life-threatening blood disorder that can be treated with healthy blood stem cells when nothing else works. But for donation to be possible, a perfect match between patient and donor is needed. And it could be you, just you in the whole world, who is the perfect match.

Joining the registry is easy. When you take a swab, we can identify your unique HLA type and match you with a patient who are in need of a donor. But about 30% of everyone who need healthy blood stem cells never find a suitable donor. That is why we need more people to join the Tobias Registry. Many more.

You can be the only one for someone.

Join the Tobias Registry today!

What is required to join the Tobias Registry?

To join, it is a requirement that you:

  • Are healthy and between 18-35 years old
  • Weight at least 50 kg and have a BMI of max 40
  • Are a resident in Sweden

Once signed up with the registry, you can be matched with a patient anywhere in the world. You cannot sign up to see if you match with only one specific person.

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Fill in a short health form

Answer a few short questions about your age and health.


Take a swab from yourself

Once the health declaration is completed and approved, we will send you a swabbing kit. You swab the inside of your cheek and send the swab back to us.

The swabs are analysed to obtain your unique HLA type, which is stored in a secure database and this is the value which is then used for matching patients with.


You are now in the Tobias Registry!

By joining the registry, you are searchable by patients worldwide. Should you match with a patient, we will contact you about the next steps.

Not everyone on the Tobias Registry will have the chance to donate stem cells. Being on the registry is important because each member of the registry increases the chances of finding suitable donors for all patients.

Blood producing stem cells are found inside the bone marrow. If you become a candidate for donation, there are two ways to collect stem cells, either via the blood (peripheral stem cell harvest) or directly from the bone marrow (bone marrow harvest). The most common collection method is via the blood.

You can watch an informational video here:

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Why should I join the Tobias Registry?

By being on the Tobias Registry, you can save lives! Every day, someone is affected by a life-threatening disease that can be treated with healthy blood stem cells. So blood stem cells can save lives, as long as a matching donor is found. What if it is you? You need to be in our registry in order to be found.

Many people associate donation with something you can choose to do when you die. But blood stem cells are something you donate when you are alive and something you do not lose as they regenerate within a few weeks. By joining the Tobias Registry, you can have the opportunity to save someone’s life and experience the joy of it.

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